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For a Healthy Glow, Support a Healthy Gut

For a Healthy Glow, Support a Healthy Gut

We all want radiant, healthy skin, and beauty really does come from within. The secret to great skin lies not in topical creams and cleansers but rather in a healthy diet and a well-functioning digestive system. A poorly functioning digestive system can cause breakouts, eczema, redness, and a dull, uneven skin tone. Skin issues are indications that your digestive tract may not be running smoothly, and a lack of sufficient enzymes may be the culprit.

We absorb skin-nourishing nutrients from the foods we eat through the digestive tract, and it's a major player in the elimination of toxins. A variety of factors contribute to poor digestion, including eating a diet high in overly processed foods, refined carbohydrates, and sugar; eating too many dairy products; too little physical activity; and stress. Our bodies produce their own digestive enzymes, but oftentimes they don't make enough to break down everything we consume. Also, enzyme production naturally declines as we age.

Supplementing with digestive enzymes helps the body absorb all the nutrients necessary for beautiful skin -- including vitamins A, C, E, and K and especially skin-nourishing fats. Dry skin is often associated with a lack of fats, but it may also be linked to insufficient enzymes. If you're eating plenty of healthy fats, like the omega-3s found in fish, nuts, and seeds and still have dry skin, you may have low levels of the digestive enzyme lipase, which helps the body break down and absorb fat.

In addition to a wholesome diet rich in fiber from fruits, vegetables, and whole grains as well as plenty of water and regular exercise, supplemental digestive enzymes can provide extra support to improve digestion. To boost overall health and achieve gorgeous, glowing skin, look for a digestive enzyme formula at your natural market.

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